Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Back Track Kids coloring Tee that turns into a Parent Massage Tee! From Lovebian Designs

This is seriously AWESOME!

Lovebian Designs Latest and Greatest!

Not only is it a coloring book for the kids, It's also a massage shirt for parents! You get a black and white print with Fabric Pastel crayons that the kids color! Once colored just a little ironing to set the ink and magically it turns into a parent massage shirt! Sit back and relax parents as your kids drive through the town of Lovebian giving you a relaxing massage! Comes with it's very own Hot Wheel!

Awesome gift this Christmas for Mom and Dad!

Join the movement! Celebrate the Diversity of Love, Nerd and Super Funny Awesomeness with us! Check out Lovebian Designs Because we Lovebian Together!

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